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President Message

President EnMee Hwang

The concept of "Career" has captivated the public since 1998 in Korea. As we put on greater emphasis on the life long vocation, many employees are trying to spend more time and energy in career development and career management for the preparation of uncertain future. It is time for us to place top priority on the global human resources in the more competitive society.

While general concept of “career” is understood as career path or vocation related with paid jobs, these days it includes volunteer services, house work, community services, hobbies and overall experiences related with work through the whole life span.

It is quite difficult for someone to find the desirable work and job that would match his/her strength and potentials. Or even he/she finds the desired job, people have more difficulty how to prepare for the new jobs pursuing their own goals. In this respect, the role of career consultant becomes more important to help people balance between work and life in this aged society. Many of outstanding career related professionals are gathered here to provide excellent services and solutions. Members of the CCForum shares the common vision & mission that helping individuals succeed in their field through proper career consulting is the way to contribute to the society and to increase nation’s competitiveness.

The major goals of CCForum is to acknowledge the importance of career consulting, propose the appropriate policy, develop future global talents, educate and train professional career consultants and expand the career consulting business. Members of CCForum will share their specialties and expertise to come up with professional solutions both for the customers and our members in various career related businesses.

Your special attention and participation would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Eunmee Hwang
President of Career Consultant Forum
Career Consultant
Business Coach